Clarence Coo

Beautiful Province
by Clarence Coo

A fifteen‑year‑old boy decides to accompany his high school French teacher on a road trip to the Canadian province of Quebec, where the mother tongue of Voltaire and Balzac is still spoken and cherished. Wildly inventive and heartbreakingly sad, the strange odyssey of Jimmy and the unpredictable Mr. Green takes many surprising turns, crossing the border from reality into unreality and back again while encountering displaced characters from history, literature, and the mundane, often dangerous world. Coo’s mesmerizing new play is a delicious amalgam of farce and tragedy, a carnival funhouse with very dark corners.

"But one play contained some sort of magnet that kept drawing us back, its intriguing story, its tone, sustained to the very end...The elusive and haunting Beautiful Province reveals its virtues slowly … I loved this play for its dark corners, the way it didn’t wait for you to catch up…Lyrical and adventurous, Beautiful Province is an outstanding new theatrical work, showcasing a promising young playwright with a fresh voice that will haunt you long after the curtain falls."
--John Guare

Published by Yale University Press 2013

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