Yale Drama Series play format

Yale Drama Series

Use 12-point font throughout the manuscript.
Avoid italics (except for occasional word emphasis).
Use an ordinary serif face type such as Times New Roman or Palatino.

The title page and other preliminary pages should be arranged in the following order:
  -Characters are listed in approximate order of importance with a short description of each next to his or her name.

•Setting & Time
•Scene Breakdown (optional)
  -A scene breakdown page may be useful if you change locations and time periods. It’s also a good way to make complicated time structure clear to a reader. But if you have fewer than six scenes, it works as well to list them under each act on the Setting & Time Page.

Dialogue pages are formatted with a top margin of 0.75” – 1.0”, and a bottom margin of 1.0” – 1.5”. The left and right margins are set at around 1.0”.
•Dialogue is single-spaced.
•Character stage directions and general stage directions occur within acts or scenes.They stand alone in the manuscript with parentheses and are single-spaced.

Guidelines for pagination:
•Numbering begins with the first page of dialogue.
•Numbers are always in the upper right-hand corner of the page.
•Preliminary pages, if numbered at all, are done with lower case Roman numerals.

Please do not bind or staple manuscripts! Please send in loose pages held together with a paperclip or by rubber bands.